Build Upons

Frequently Asked Questions




What are Build Upons?

Light up bricks to build upon your existing LEGO® creations--Light up your robot, house, or spaceship!

Build Upons are amazingly tiny light up bricks that are LEGO® compatible.

They are the latest in STEAM (Science, Technology. Engineering, Art, and Math) learning toy brought to you by a woman-owned company Lunchbox Electronics. LED Build Upons are based on 1×1 bricks that are used to create elegant LEGO® creations that light up. You don’t need to know electronics to use these Build Upon bricks, you simply create, just like you’ve always done.

How do the Build Upons light up?

Our Build Upons are based on the smallest 1x1 brick we could fit an LED into to create elegant and flexible designs. The Build Upons system has three types of bricks: an LED Brick, a Power Brick, and a Bridge Brick. The LED Brick is the 1x1 brick that creates light.

Why Learning through play?

Build Upons are the latest STEAM toy that encourages learning through play. Build Upons teach the concepts of electricity and conductivity by stacking together the Power Brick, Bridge Brick and LED Brick. The Bridge Brick “bridges” the electricity from the Power Brick to the LED brick.  

What age group are Build Upons for?

Build Upons are for 7 years of age and up. Our rule of thumb is they are NOT suitable for people who might eat electronics.

How long will the LED in the LED Brick last?

The LED Brick should last up to 20 years. However, you will have to replace the batteries in the battery pack when they run out. Battery life depends on how many LED bricks you have in your design. Batteries powering a design with one LED can last up to 1 week.

What kind of batteries do Build Upons take?

Three AA batteries.

Why are Build Upons tighter than other brands of plastic brick building blocks?

Build Upons are tighter because the metal must make contact with each other so electricity can flow between the bricks and light up. Metal does not give like plastic does, so our bricks have a more rigid feel. It helps to twist the bricks together instead of pushing with direct force.

Where can I buy individual Build Upons?

Who created Build Upons?

The company Lunchbox Electronics and their CEO Alicia Gibb created Build Upons.

What kind of plastic are Build Upons made with?

Build Upons are made with ABS for the power and bridge bricks, and polycarbonate for the LED bricks.

How can I order Build Upons wholesale?

If you would like to order Build Upons at a wholesale rate please email